[for those who can't quite swallow the fact that a goodbye has been said and that is that.]



memorIes running through my bloodstreams, i'm always just a bottle away from you
white fingers clinched around the pictures, Clinched around the hope i'm holding to


c h o r u s

And, i would wait a thousaNd years, jusT to hear you say my name again
just to hear it like you meant it that night we touched 
and, i woulD wait a thousand moRe, just to fInd out what you left me for
just to fiNd out, because i need to Know now



these long days, You're nOthing bUt a story I keep telliNg just TO drown out that goodbye
i still see it, you're slamMing that old front door
i never thought it'd really be goodbYe 


c h o r u s 


b r i d g e 

And, i'll drink till all my blood is filled with you
till the whiskey dRowns my sorrow, and i'M not thinking about tomorrow
oh, whatever It takeS to feel you agaIn, to feel you again


c h o r u s