[for the loves we chose wrong, and for the sake of making it all right.]


it waSn't that i didn't wanna hOld your hand, 
i just knew if we held tight once, we would ever let go
it wasn't that i didn't want to call you MinE, 
but - you're noT mIne 

and, it wasn't that you didn't Make mE happy
becauSe, my dear, YOU mAde me so happy 
but, the happiness that we shaREd wasN'T Meant for us as a pair
oh, no


c h o r u s

as our hEArts heal up + we walk barefoot through all the settled stardust 
let us, let go of all that we are NoT 
and, as our minds - They will clear up - and we know that we are nOt to Love 
let us stOp, let us stop - tilting the watering can oVEr the soil that holds us now
because, we were never meant to grow



it wasn't that i didn't ever write YOU notes
i was always just to scaRed to Send them thrOUgh the post
the truth that they entaiLed, stopped theM from being stAmped and mailed
oh, it wasn't That i didn't write you notEs 


c h o r u s ( e n d )