[for the words we didn't know we didn't mean, and the people we hurt because of it]


maybe i close my eyes when you kisS me beause i'm thinking of him
maybe i never stopped wondering
maybe if they ask me if i love yOu, i'd say yes
but, maybe i'm lying 


c h o r u s

oh, i'm a white lie burning red
oh, i'm a force to be reckoned with
oh, maybe i am gonna figUre myself out
but, until Then, i'm loving him 
and, you're not him



maybe you were right to be scared that i'd walk away
maybe i'm just too scared, you Honestly need me to stay
mAybe i know now, he can never be mine
maybe without him, i'm honestly Fine
but, maybe i'm lying 


c h o r u s 

but, until then i'm loving him
call me cRazy but, i'm loving him
and, you're not hIm


b r i d g e

i've said i need you so many times, Cuz i honestly thought i would mean it by now 
but, you're not him and i'm not good at faking anymore


c h o r u s 

but, until then, i'm loving him
call me crAzy, but i'm loving him
i might be crazy, but i'm crazy about him
and, you're not him