[i wrote this when i realized peter never came back for wendy, and became absolutely sad]



i wait by my window, hoping that you'll come in with the rain
so we can lie on familiar beds, and listen to the rhythm of the sound that brought you back to me

this is not a sad song, i am just singing in the hope of who we will be because of who we once were
so, won't you come again from your neverland + take me back with you, because i remembered


c h o r u s
oh, darling, when are you coming back for me?



you taught me how to fly, with magic dancing between your hands and the darkest night
and, as i lie awake up at night wishing on the stars - oh, i think of them as your eyes
oh, they're your eyes 


c h o r u s 


b r i d g e

oh, darling, i will keep my post by the window where we first loved
oh, darling, i know you're coming back for me 


c h o r u s