[for anyone who has ever been hurt by an idea of another lover in the mind of the one they love. it's the fantasies that can kill a perfect thing]



won't You tell me that i'm beautiful
to stifle all the things yOu said when yoU weRe upset
won't you telL me that i'm still yoUr girl
becauSe she came in and now you're making eyes and i'm just not sure

we've got all the sTories in the booKs
she's only got one night for you, I can telL by the way that she Looks
i try to complain but, you say, i'm just over thinking
but, you've been thinking your way into her bEd all night 


c h o r u s 

how do i fight it, you're just cheating in your mind
oh, but i still feel it, you're Dancing on thin ice
oh, and if i fight it, would you still be mine? 
are you really mine, at all?



maybe, i'll make love to another man
forget about yoU for the evening and Say i'm just playing pretend
i'll be someone's fantasy, then maybe you'll want more of me
but, maybe then i wouldn't want you at all 


c h o r u s ( b r i d g e ) c h o r u s