[for those of us who have a place where we feel our best self is hidden, waiting for us to come and find it. for me, that place is ireland]



when i grow up, i want to live in a home with wildflowerS by the front gate
set Up on some land, soMewhere north in ireland with a porch and a tire swing 


c h o r u s
oh, i want to find Myself there someday 
oh, i want to find myself there someday



when i find love, i want it to be like all that i know it should be
i want it to be lovely, so that i can tell the stories - not because i hEard them, but because they are mine


c h o r u s
( b r i d g e )



when i grow old, i want folks to come around and sing me songs of youth 
remind me of the time that i moved to iReland, just to be with you


c h o r u s