keep my head down and In my handS
my eyes move slowly side to side
i’m fading in and out of consciousness
i never learned to Pull mysElf
out of my owN Damn head

ShOulders caved in to protect
all of My insides from falling oUt of the hole above my neCk
i’m feeling light in my Head
somebody come close, i jusT wanna be alone

thIs feels like hot suMmEr night in a turtleneck
i think i wanna die, But i guEsS i know I’m fine
oh goD, tEll Me is it over Yet?

my wordS disappEar to a dry tongue
i am trying to Let you know it, but i’m drowning by the moment
i guess i’ve been having trouble sleeping
but now i’m having trouble breathing and i hate that i can be seen like this

this Feels like hot summer night in a turtleneck
I think i WAnna die, but i guess i know i’m fiNe
oh god, Tell me is iT Over yet?

thINk slowly, try to remember i’m alive
my body is Here and i Am inside
think slowly, try to remember i’m alive
my Body Is here and i am inside
Think slowly, try to remember i’m alive
MY BODY is here and i am inside